Why did I start the real everyday people?
I got tired of wearing my nice shirts to work and getting it messed up. I also wanted to start a gang a community of the working class with a common ground which are clothes "shirts" for example. At first I didn't know what I wanted for the brand or direction I just did it. With no plan or anything but, I did have one design which was my very first one that everyone thinks it's a real construction company.Haha but it did good on the field but didn't well online I still love that design my good friend Sunshine did it for me. But my mission with the brand is to bring a real actual brand to the working force, a brand they can speak to and not just look at and buy. To really connect with the brand I hate the fact that some brands in my niche just want to sell and not really relate or talk to their peoples they want to just sell. Thats not a brand but just a store I on the other hand are a brand that want to know what they think and want and hopefully resemble that thru my designs I care about the quality of products and services I provide than just selling that shit is played out and unsustainable business.